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Why choose Brussels?


Discover Brussels, a cosmopoltian and mutlicultural city, home to over 150 different nationalities and an incomparable network of professionals!

Brussels, at the heart of culture and languages

Multiculturality is not a hollow word here. Belgium has 3 national languages: French, Dutch and German. Other languages like English are also widely spoken.


In Brussels, you will find:
  • Translation services in all of the EU languages, as well as a complete range of services and support,
  • An incomparable network of professionals (DMC, PCO, events organisers and incentive organisers),
  • Conference rooms, seminar rooms and meeting rooms...ideal for your corporate events,
  • Business hotels in all price ranges and located just a stone's throw from the historic centre of the city.


It doesn't come as a surprise that for the 5th consecutive year, Brussels is considered the No1 European city for international conventions and meetings.
Statistics from the Union of International Associations (UIA) reveal that Brussels held 436 events and meetings in 2013.


Brussels, European crossroads

Brussels also has an exceptional rail network (Thalys, Eurostar, etc.) and benefits from an international airport and reliable inter-city transport, including the tram, bus, metro...Brussels doesn't joke about mobility.


Brussels is also a city of art, culture and shows, and invites you to try out a panel of brand new events at its venues, ideal spots for your events, whether classic or trendy!
At the Grand Place, the Mont des Arts, in prestigious banquet halls, historical residences, museums or private will see that nothing will be missed.



Dotted with museums and Art Nouveau houses, Brussels is a royal city with amazing comic book murals.
And, not forgetting Brussels' night life, which is reflected on the city's attributes...welcoming, astounding and current.
Brussels provides venues oozing in historic character and unique culture, ideal for your events. It is also home to numerous green spaces. A must for organising your event!


Brussels, "Art of living" and Belgian and international gastronomy

The capital is renowned for its "European village," its 24 parks and 300km of forests, Brussels is also a city of design and fashion, famous for its world famous cuisine.
The quality of its chocolates, beers and other culinary specialities are unrivalled.
Brussels is best experienced, tasted and discovered and takes you out of your comfort zone bit by bit as it reveals its unique and convivial atmosphere.